Gratitude for Time Podcast: Episode 8 with President and CEO of the California Chamber of Commerce, Jennifer Barrera

Sitting atop the State of California and the world’s fourth largest economy, Jennifer is a “Queen of Global Commerce” and a “defender of the human being in economic systems”. Her presence is both powerful, graceful, and kind. In this genuine and valuable conversation she shares her life story and how she became the leader for the California Chamber of Commerce and what that means to her. Her story is “human” as she openly shares how decisions were made at critical junctures of her life including; living in Hawaii, dealing with her mother’s cancer while also having her first child.

From a mental health perspective Jennifer discusses her struggles and stresses being in litigation under the “billable hour requirement” while also being a full-Time mother and spouse. Throughout our conversation you can hear Jennifer admit to never being perfect but seeking “balance”, providing ancient wisdom with a modern twist. Her relationship to work provides a foundation for thinking about the value of her Time and Time itself, as that relationship has changed throughout her Life.

For those who struggle to integrate all the roles they play in society, Jennifer discusses her struggle with this and provides hope not just for women and mothers but for all humans who aim to be happy and successful. Lastly, Jennifer shares how she values Time; her most important and valued resource.

Gratitude for Time Podcast: Episode 7 with 2017 World Series Champion, Tony Kemp

On this episode, We talk baseball and Tony shares what it was like to play at Vanderbilt’s presitigous baseball program and the differences playing in college vs. professionally. We then discuss the impact of an organization’s front office on the team culture and success.  

Tony candidly talks about the importance of mental health and how he feels his mental game is what has allowed him to succeed at every level, despite not having the ideal body to play in the MLB. Tony shares how he feels his life is changing as he and his wife prepare to have their first child, within the context of experiencing a traumatic event in their first attempt.

Lastly, we dive into how Tony values and perceives Time and he gives great insights that can be useful to anyone in modern society.

Gratitude for Time Podcast: Episode 6 with Katrien Herdewyn, CEO of Elegnano

As the CEO of a high-end shoe design company, Katrien shares her perspectives on what she learned working with Italians, how she has adapted her relationships with Time to meet the needs of her changing career, and what shoes and design mean to her! 

Her international career has led Katrien to build professional relationships and supply chains in Belgium, France, Italy, and America to name a few. As a successful female global entrepreneur, Katrien also shares insights and wisdom to women who are or aspire to be succesful in their careers anywhere in the world. Her stories and interesting and valuable to all entrepreneurs and people who are in Time. 

Gratitude for Time Podcast: Episode 5 with Dr. Carlos Montemayor

For any human navigating the 21st century, this episode is both useful and thought provoking regarding the nature of who we are and the constraints we are born into. Carlos Montemayor is uniquely positioned as both an (inactive) lawyer with a focus on human rights and a professor of Philosophy focusing on cognition and Time.

On this episode, Dr. Montemayor and I discuss what human rights means given the realities and implications of quantum mechanics and relativity. Further along we discuss the relationship between Time and human dignity and other universal ideas like the “mind”.

Gratitude for Time Podcast: Episode 4 with Former San Joaquin County Sheriff, Steve Moore

In this episode, Steve and I discuss different perspectives on law enforcement, homelessness, COVID-19, and systemic racism. We also address topics like the “purpose of a sheriff’s department”, the kind of power a police officer has, and how smartphones have influenced law enforcement. We also explore possible solutions as Steve shares his thoughts on how to move forward into the future and build healthier police-community relationships. Steve offers decades of law enforcement realities, information, and experience that are crucial to understanding how these systems work and how the system influences people to think, feel, and behave.

Gratitude for Time Podcast: Episode 3 with World Famous Psychologist, Dr. Philip Zimbardo

In this episode, Suresh captures wisdom and knowledge from one of the most famous and influential psychologists currently alive, Dr. Philip Zimbardo. In an important and free flowing conversation, Dr. Zimbardo discusses the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health, the infamous Stanford Prison Experiments (50th anniversary), and the Zimbardo Time Perspective Inventory which is used all over the world. Dr. Zimbardo is a globally recognized expert on the influence of Time on psychology and we discuss the relationship between Time and the human mind and mental health. In the second half, Dr. Zimbardo shares with us his conversation with the Dalai Lama and working with figures like Bill Clinton and Malcom X. We even discuss his thoughts on how World War II influenced Americans’ perception of Time. To close, Dr. Zimbardo also shares his intimate thoughts on how he values Time, with turning 88 years old around the corner for him.

Gratitude for Time Podcast: Episode 2 with Director of Public Policy for Amazon, Anthony Williams

On episode two, guest Anthony Williams and I talk about his career and experiences working in the Judiciary, the Senate with current Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, at Boeing, then directly with current State of California Governor Gavin Newsom, and now newly at Amazon for Jeff Bezos. Having reached some of the highest places with power within government and in business his insights are unique, real, and illuminating. In the second half of the episode we move away from his professional achievements and talk about how he values Time as a human and as a father, as well as how he has suffered in his life and how he has grown from that suffering. He speaks about his rough childhood and even about the incredibly strong event of his brother being murdered in 2001. Anthony has reached heights that few people ever get to or even dream of getting to. To hear him provide genuine reflection and talk about his life in a way that we all can relate to on some level, is so incredibly valuable for anyone to be able to listen to.

Gratitude for Time Podcast: Episode 1 with Creative Director, Ulises Garcia

This is the FIRST episode of the “Gratitude for Time” podcast series. In this episode we cover topics surrounding physical and mental health, goal setting, Time management, and how it all ties into the everyday experience of Uli’s life as a 20 year old with ambitions in the film and media industry.