Gratitude for Time Podcast: Episode 2 with Director of Public Policy for Amazon, Anthony Williams

On episode two, guest Anthony Williams and I talk about his career and experiences working in the Judiciary, the Senate with current Sacramento Mayor Darrell Steinberg, at Boeing, then directly with current State of California Governor Gavin Newsom, and now newly at Amazon for Jeff Bezos. Having reached some of the highest places with power within government and in business his insights are unique, real, and illuminating. In the second half of the episode we move away from his professional achievements and talk about how he values Time as a human and as a father, as well as how he has suffered in his life and how he has grown from that suffering. He speaks about his rough childhood and even about the incredibly strong event of his brother being murdered in 2001. Anthony has reached heights that few people ever get to or even dream of getting to. To hear him provide genuine reflection and talk about his life in a way that we all can relate to on some level, is so incredibly valuable for anyone to be able to listen to.

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