Systems Task Force

Purpose: To infuse positive mental health into the system structure of police/prison, education, and healthcare systems in the state of California and throughout the United States. We work at the intersection of politics, business, culture, and science to bring together people in positions of power to redesign system structures to be more adaptable to various rates and scales of change that occur locally and globally and influence all aspects of societal life.

Prison Systems: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitations; integrating whole system adaptation to ensure the mental health of every human in the CDCR system.

Education Systems: We initiated a school wide positive mental health program with Brookfield Private School. Brookfield is a K-8th grade educational system located in Sacramento, California.

Our task force worked with 700 children and 26 teachers at Oakdale Elementary in the Twin Rivers School District. Over 90% of the student population are under the poverty line. There are high rates of gun violence, homelessness, prostitution, and drugs surrounding the school environment.

Dave Lucchetti; Philanthropist and former CEO of Pacific Coast Building Products

Suresh Eswaran; Human Adaptation to Time Project

Past Members:

Placer County Former Supervising District Attorney, Jeffrey Wood.

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