About Suresh

Suresh Eswaran

Present: Suresh’s Time and attention are focused on infusing positive mental health into the system structure of police/prison, healthcare, and education systems in California and America. In other words, Suresh is helping redesign our infrastructural systems so that humans can flourish by their very existence in their system or multiple systems, as opposed to the current reality of burnouts, depression, suicide, and corruption.

Attention is also focused on working with various artists to create visual depictions of Time. This takes place through art pieces, murals, commercial advertising spots, and other forms of artistic influence.

Additionally, Suresh is also the host of the “Gratitude for Time” podcast. On this podcast, Suresh talks with various people of power, wealth, and influence regarding how they value Time.

Past: Suresh was a division 1 tennis player for Vanderbilt University and graduated with a degree in Organizational Management.

After considering various entrepreneurial ideas, Suresh stumbled upon and began to learn about and research the concept of Time. Pulling this thread took him into physics, biology, neuroscience, philosophy, mathematics, logic, and other fields of discipline forming a more generalist lens of the universe, life, and Time.

He graduated from the Transformative Technology Academy Accelerator, becoming exposed to the forefront of ‘innovators’ and their ‘innovative’ technologies measuring the human brain, body, and mind. 

Suresh has, over the course of several years, discovered new processes surrounding the evaluation and optimization of subjective experience, mental health, culture, human happiness, and collective effectiveness. This includes an objective measurement of the subjective experience of Time, which makes use of General Relativity and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.   

Suresh has consulted for the Dutch Ambassador of Greece, Caspar Veldkamp, on how to improve entrepreneurship culture in Athens and Greece.

In 2016, Suresh engaged in an influential project with Global Challenges Foundation, a Swedish non-profit, with the goal of creating a governing structure to help stabilize humanity as change and the ‘pace of life’ accelerate at various scales and rates globally.

In 2019, Suresh published his first book meant to be an easy introduction to exploring the various human relationships with Time.

Future: Universal education, prioritizing and measuring mental health in globalized business culture.