Gratitude for Time Podcast: Episode 8 with President and CEO of the California Chamber of Commerce, Jennifer Barrera

Sitting atop the State of California and the world’s fourth largest economy, Jennifer is a “Queen of Global Commerce” and a “defender of the human being in economic systems”. Her presence is both powerful, graceful, and kind. In this genuine and valuable conversation she shares her life story and how she became the leader for the California Chamber of Commerce and what that means to her. Her story is “human” as she openly shares how decisions were made at critical junctures of her life including; living in Hawaii, dealing with her mother’s cancer while also having her first child.

From a mental health perspective Jennifer discusses her struggles and stresses being in litigation under the “billable hour requirement” while also being a full-Time mother and spouse. Throughout our conversation you can hear Jennifer admit to never being perfect but seeking “balance”, providing ancient wisdom with a modern twist. Her relationship to work provides a foundation for thinking about the value of her Time and Time itself, as that relationship has changed throughout her Life.

For those who struggle to integrate all the roles they play in society, Jennifer discusses her struggle with this and provides hope not just for women and mothers but for all humans who aim to be happy and successful. Lastly, Jennifer shares how she values Time; her most important and valued resource.

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